VAD Service Delivery Recognition

Voluntary Assisted Dying Service Delivery Excellence

The Voluntary Assisted Dying team in SA Health were nominated for the 2023 Premier's Award for Excellence in Health. 

And to their credit - they won.

The Premier's Award is much sought after in the health sector and recognises excellent service delivery, requiring the service to meet SA Health's goals in delivering high quality patient centred care.

The VAD team in SA Health includes the eight member VAD Review Board presided over by Ass Prof Mel Turner and the public sector staff led by Helen Chalmers, Executive Director, Health Service Programs. The public sector team includes the Care Navigators, VAD Liaisons in public hospitals, pharmacists, clinical advisors, legal and administrative staff. Every member of the team has combined to establish and deliver a new service in a challenging area.

The VAD team has been inclusive, thoughtful, consultative and careful in both the design and implementation phases. VADSA has appreciated the respect and two way communication we have encountered at every stage of the design and implementation process.

Our participation was reflected in the invitation for VADSA to participate in the filming of a short video produced as part of their nomination for the Premier's award. Frances Coombe, VADSA President, and Anne Bunning, VADSA Vice President, were interviewed and appear at the end of the short video you can view here

Pictured (above) are the SA Health VAD team on the day of filming, October 18, plus Frances and Anne.