SAVES hosted a forum in conjunction with the Hawke Centre in June 2015. The forum was titled The Voluntary Euthanasia Story: the epic journey to make it legal. Speakers were

  • Dr Rob Jonquiere, a doctor from the Netherlands and Executive Director of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies

  • Hon Marshall Perron, former Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, who introduced the first assisted dying legislation in the world

  • Stephen Kenny, lawyer and advocate for assisted dying choice

  • Hon Steph Key, MP, who introduced several Bills in SA to make assisted dying legal

  • Dr Duncan McFetridge, MP, who introduced the second 2016 Bill in SA, which lost on the casting vote of the Speaker, Nov 16, 2016

View the forum here.​

Dying with Dignity NSW hosted a public forum on The Truth About End of Life Choices. Watch the November 2018 forum here.

Guest speaker at the April 2019 SAVES public meeting was Mr Nick, McBride, Liberal Member for MacKillop in the SE of SA. Mr McBride spoke of his support for choice at the end of life and the need to show compassion and end the suffering of people at the end of their life.

Mr McBride told the story of the death of his great uncle and the impact that had on his thinking and his understanding of the need for law reform.

In the audience to hear Mr McBride were current and former MPs who have supported previous Bills in support of voluntary assisted dying - Hon Anne Levy (former President of the Legislative Council, ALP), Hon Sandra Kanck, (Australian Democrats), Dr Duncan McFetridge (Liberal), and Nat Cook (ALP, current Member for Hurtle Vale).

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