Legislative History in South Australia

33 Timeline for Voluntary Assisted Dying Bills in SA

Medical and Legal

45 Australia: state VAD legislation comparison (word doc: will open in Downloads)

45 Australia: state VAD legislation comparison (pdf: print using Acrobat)

44 Restoring Territory Rights to VAD

43 Voluntary Assisted Dying is not assisted suicide

41 VAD: The Australian Model, step by step

34 Advance Care Directives

13 The Hippocratic Oath

16 Dying of Cancer (see also Newsletter 11)

23 The Principle of Double Effect

Polls and Surveys

02 Public Opinion

03 Medical Opinion (see also Newsletter 47)

Beyond South Australia

04 Voluntary Euthanasia in the Netherlands (see also Newsletter 15, Netherlands Report Card)

18 Oregon Death with Dignity Act (see also Newsletter 8, Newsletter 44)

19 The Northern Territory Act (see also Newsletter 14)

20 Assisted Dying in Switzerland

25 World Federation of Right to Die Societies

26 Voluntary Euthanasia in Belgium

27 Washington State Death With Dignity Act

28 Montana Physician Assisted Dying

29 Luxembourg: Physician Assisted Dying and Voluntary Euthanasia

30 Vermont: Patient Choice and Control at End of Life Act

31 Quebec Bill 52 (see also Newsletter 38)

32 California End of Life Option Act (see also Newsletter 22) 

35 Colorado End of Life Options Act (see also Newsletter 45)

36 Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation around the world (see also Newsletter 41)

37 Voluntary Euthanasia in Colombia

38 Voluntary Assisted Dying Global Data

39 Hawaii Our Care Our Choice Act

40 New Jersey Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act

42 Global VAD Status