Our South Australian Ambassadors

The majority of Australians believe that a person suffering from a terminal illness is entitled to effective treatment of symptoms and should be able to make key decisions about when and how they die.

Consecutive polls over the last two decades show that about 85% of Australians support legislative change to make Voluntary Assisted Dying legal. The legislation would ensure that members of the medical profession and other health carers are not at risk of criminal charges in supporting an assisted death. Legislation in Victoria (2017) and Western Australia (2019) contain these provisions and over 60 safeguards to ensure the careful management and monitoring of voluntary assisted dying, while allowing people to end their suffering when it becomes unbearable. 

The Ambassadors for Law Reform listed below support Voluntary Assisted Dying.

Further information and statements from Ambassadors are provided on the Dying With Dignity Victoria website. 

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National Ambassadors

Phillip Adams

Yvonne Allen

Lynette Allison

Prof Dennis Altman AM

Valma Angliss AM

Robyn Archer AO

Bettina Arndt

Brenda Aynsley OAM

Rev Gordon Bannon

Ron Barassi AM

Greg Barns

Prof Peter Baume AC

Layne Beachley AO

Emeritus Prof David Beanland AO

Frances Bedford MP JP

John Bell AO

Casey Bennetto

Trevor Bensch

Henry Bosch AO

Dr Sandra Bradley

Dr Edward Brentnall MBE OAM

Bob Brown

Julian Burnside AO QC

Susie Byrne

Dr Leslie Cannold

Dr Nick Carr

Prof Lyn Carson

Moss Cass

Tricia Caswell

Joy Chambers-Grundy

Prof Simon Chapman AO

Hon Robin Chapple

Hon Stephen Charles QC

Emeritus Prof Alf Clark

Greg Combet AM

Everald Compton

Peter Couchman

Prof Nick Crofts

Peter Cundall AM

Rev Natasha Darke

Kenneth Davidson

Rev Dr Craig de Vos

Catherine Deveny

Hon John Dowd AO QC

Prof Gary Dowsett

Denise Drysdale

Prof the Hon Gareth Evans

Hon Elizabeth Evatt AC

Dr Ilsa Evans

Dr June Factor

Prof Ross Fitzgerald AM

Tamara Fraser AO

Patrick Galvin AM

Max Gillies AM

Brian Goldsmith

Sandy Gore

John Greenwell

Dr Julian Hafner

Prof George Hampel QC

Peter Hardham

Robert Hewett

Janet Holmes a Court AC

David Hume and Maya Hume OAM

Dr David Hunt

Peter Isaacson AM

Dr Warren Johnson AM

Dr Rosemary Jones

Hon Sandra Kanck

Prof David Kelly

Stephen Kenny

Hon Steph Key MP

Mary Kostakidis

Assoc Prof Helga Kuhse

Coral Levett MACN

Hon Anne Levy

Dr Murray Lloyd

Amanda Lohrey

Paul McDermott

Lindsay McDougall

Judith McGrath

Prof Peter McIntyre AO

Emeritus Prof Carmel McNaught

Hilary McPhee AO

Hon Rod Mackenzie OAM

Dr Francis Macnab AM

Hon Ian Macphee AO

Prof Marion Maddox

Eve Mahlab AO

Iola Mathews OAM

Ron Merkel QC

Gordon Moffatt AM

Prof Rob Moodie AM

Val Morgan

Hon Jocelyn Newman

Amy Orange

Prof Neville Pamment

Emeritus Prof Malcolm Parker

Hon Mark Parnell

The Hon Tom Pauling AO QC

Kirk Pengilly

Frank Penhalluriack

Marshall Perron

Anne Phelan OAM

Prof Peter Pierce and Mrs Rae Pierce AM

Adrian Price

Chris Puplick AM

Rev Kenneth Ralph

Bill Richmond

Robert Richter QC

Rev Christopher Ridings

Roland Rocchiccioli

Prof Doreen Rosenthal AO

Dr Harry Rundle

Delys Sargeant AM

Prof Rick Sarre

Hon Chris Schacht

Prof Peter Singer AC

Dick Smith AO

Jim Soorley

Prof John Spicer

Tracey Spicer

Dr John Stanton

Anne Summers AO

Dr Rodney Syme

John Valder AO

Lesley Vick

Rev Dr Craig de Vos

Prof Merrilyn Walton

Dr Bruce Watson

Prof Colin Wendell-Smith AO

Prof George Williams

Emeritus Prof John Willoughby

Ian Wood