VADSA prepares regular one page newsletters which summarise current debates in the campaign to legalise voluntary euthanasia.

These Newsletters can be used to update your own knowledge, as a basis for discussion with your local MP, and in general community discussion.

117 High Level Catholic Support for Voluntary Assisted Dying

116 Safey and Security in Australia's Voluntary Assisted Dying Model

115 Candidates Supporting Voluntary Assisted Dying in Recent Elections Polled Strongly

114 Overwhelming Support for Voluntary Assisted Dying Laws in Regional South Australia

113 Palliative Care Funding Increases in Victoria

112 Tasmania Legalises Voluntary Assisted Dying

111 The Benefits of Voluntary Assisted Dying for Paliative Care

110 83% South Australian Support for Voluntary Assisted Dying

109 Voluntary Assisted Dying - The Facts

108 Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2020 Safeguards and  Compassion

107 South Australian Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2020

106 Voluntary Assisted Dying and Better Resourced Palliative Care

105 Queensland to introduce a Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill

104 New Zealand votes YES for assisted dying

103 Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (SA Branch) Supports Voluntary Assisted Dying Law

10Voluntary Assisted Dying now in 19 places

101 South Australia Police support voluntary assisted dying law

100 How we are allowed to die

99 One year on - Victoria’s voluntary assisted-dying law

98 Voluntary assisted dying laws are based on evidence

97 Fatal Flaws of misinformation in Fatal Fraud

96 Defining ‘terminal’ and ‘hopeless’ illness

95 Palliative care specialists support voluntary assisted dying

94 Qld Parlt Inquiry recommends legislating Voluntary Assisted Dying

93 Kindness and Mercy

92 Positive report by Review Board on Victorian VAD law

91 Limits to Palliative Care: The Call for Voluntary Assisted Dying

90 Western Australia Voluntary Assisted Dying Act (2019)

89 Non-beneficial treatment and care at the end of life

88 The scandal of unfair and unequal treatment at end of life

87 Ninety per cent Australian support for voluntary assisted-dying

86 How voluntary assisted dying influenced the 2018 election in Victoria

85 Council on the Ageing Report

84 Voluntary Assisted Dying Legislation Strengthens End of Life Safeguards

83 First Person Accesses Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying law

82 Terminal Sedation at End of Life

81 Maine Legalises Death with Dignity

80 The Scandal of Hard Deaths

79 Victoria - A Leading Light for Compassion in Dying

78 The Hippocratic Oath and Voluntary Assisted Dying

77 It was Compassionate, it was Humane

76 New Jersey Legalises Medical Aid in Dying

75 Western Australia Parliamentary Report - the context of suffering

7Palliative Care and Voluntary Euthanasia - Compassion for All

73 Legalised voluntary assisted dying supports improved palliative care

72 End of Life Inquiry in Queensland

71 Peace, Justice and Compassion

70 A South Australian Secures Peaceful Death in Swiss Clinic

69 Suicide and Voluntary Euthanasia are Very Different Concepts

68 French Research on Attitudes to Voluntary Euthanasia

67 Clarifying the Context of Euthanasia and Assisted Dying

66 Australian Medical Students Support Voluntary Assisted Dying

65 A Doctor's Duty is to Relieve Suffering

64 Global 'Report Card' on Assisted Dying and Voluntary Euthanasia

63 Western Australia Select Committee Report

62 Suicide Linked to Chronic and Terminal Illness

61 Voluntary Euthanasia Law Reform Strengthening Palliative Care

60 Voluntary Assisted Dying Now in 15 Places

59 Australians' Views on Voluntary Euthanasia

58 Australian Nurses & Midwifery Federation Support

57 Safeguards for a Safe Voluntary Euthanasia Law

56 Ending Suffering

55 Physician Assisted Dying in Hawaii

54 A Paramedic Perspective

53 Christian Support

52 A GP speaks

51 Ripple Effect from Denial of Assisted Dying

50 Recognition for Broad Based Nursing Role in Assisted Dying

49 Premier Andrews endorses VAD Recommendations

48 California: the first 6 months

​47 The Case for AMA Neutrality

46 Analysing Religious Opposition

45 Colorado Legalises Assisted Dying

44 Oregon Two Decades On

43 Common Ground: Palliative Care and Voluntary Euthanasia (Ian Maddocks)

42 Concepts of Care: Palliative Care and Voluntary Euthanasia

41 Global Data on use of Voluntary Euthanasia Laws

40 Voluntary Euthanasia in Australia

39 The AMA and a Doctor's Experience with Death

38 Canada's Pathway to Legal Assisted Dying

37 Diagnosis Terminal Medical Condition: Two Stories

36 Desmond Tutu Supports Assisted Death

35 Lorraine Gregory's Prayer for Common Sense

34 Dying by Starvation and Dehydration

33 Non Beneficial Treatments

32 Clinical Practice in Assisted Dying

31 Personal Stories from the Victorian Inquiry

30 Victorian Parliamentary Committee on Assisted Dying

29 Pre-emptive Suicide

28 Ambassadors for Voluntary Euthanasia

27 Disability Support for Voluntary Euthanasia

26 Palliative Medicine Specialist Speaks (Roger Hunt)

25 Criteria of Hopeless suffering or Terminal Illness

24 Elderly Suicide

23 Confused Law on Assisted Suicide and Assisted Dying

22 California Legalises Assisted Dying

21 Voices of Suffering: Three Brave Women

20 A Mother's Plea

19 Community voice: Letters to the Editor

18 On Being Forced to Suffer

17 History of the British campaign

16 Defining Unbearable and Hopeless

15 Netherlands

14 NT Rights of the Terminally Ill Act (1995)


12 Britain and Australia

11 Worst Ways to Die

10 Australia 21 Roundtable Support

Christian support

Oregon Proves No Slippery Slope

Young People's Voice

Law Reform Process

The Myths

Nurses Support Voluntary Euthanasia


Medical Case for Voluntary Euthanasia

Defining Voluntary Euthanasia

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