Christians support Compassion and Voluntary Assisted Dying

Christian support for voluntary assisted dying has been consistently recorded at over 75% for the last decade.

Rev Michael Dowling addressed a public vigil in Mt Gambier on May 21, explaining why it makes sense that the majority of christians do support compassion and the choice of voluntary assisted dying for those who are in unrelievable suffering at the end of life.

In his address Rev Dowling addressed the question put by some religious opponents which equates voluntary assisted dying with killing and murder. Rev Dowling told the crowd

"VAD is not killing. The person is already dying. The only question is whether they die in agony or will they be allowed to die peacefully surrounded by those that love them. How can you possibly equate someone who is dying, who is in unrelievable suffering, who asks for their suffering to be ended, with the Commandment 'Thou shalt not kill'.

"What would make anyone think that Jesus would not feel moved with compassion for someone who is in unrelievable suffering.

"When someone's suffering is unrelieved and unrelievable, and they want that suffering to end, must not our response as a compassionate society be to say how can we help to end your suffering."

Rev Dowling represents the group Christians Supporting Choice for Voluntary Assisted Dying.

The 10 minute address to the Mt Gambier vigil can be viewed here.