VAD into the Second Year

SA Health has released the fifth quarterly report covering January to March, 2024

During the quarter

  • 67 VAD Permits were issued, which means, providing the person retains decision making capacity, pharmacists are now able to deliver the VAD substance (if requested)
  • the average time from first request to issuing of the VAD Permit was 24 days, with 93% of people receiving a self administration permit
  • 57 people with a VAD Permit died using the VAD substance
  • 40 people died through self administration (70%), 13 died without using the VAD substance (23%), and 4 people (7%) used practitioner administration.
  • there were 74 VAD trained doctors in SA by the end of the quarter, the majority being GPs
  • 81% of people had cancer
  • 81% were receiving palliative care
  • 54% were men

One difference which is emerging is the number of people using VAD in a public hospital. VAD Liaison staff are available in each public hospital in SA to support a person who makes a request for VAD. (See graph above)

Where they die

  • 22 people died in a private residence (39%)
  • 25 people died in a public hospital (44%)
  • 6 people died in residential aged care
  • 3 people died in a hospice or pall care unit.