SA delivers slowest rollout of VAD

Health and Wellbeing Minister, Hon Chris Picton, MP

South Australia is on track to deliver the slowest rollout of voluntary assisted dying in Australia.

"We don't understand why the new government has not yet announced a 2022 VAD commencement," said Frances Coombe, VADSA President.

"The VAD legislation was passed by State Parliament in June 2021. Every other state has arranged for VAD to be available within 15 to 18 months after the legislation was passed. South Australia is still saying VAD will not commence until March 2023, 21 months after it was passed.

"People contact me every week asking how to access VAD. These people have terminal illnesses. They are suffering.

"Our legislation is almost exactly the same as Victoria and WA. Victoria has had VAD available for three years, WA for one year. Both states have shared their experience, systems, resources with SA.

"There is no reason South Australians should be made to suffer longer than people in any other state.

"It is past time that Health Minister Picton announced a 2022 VAD commencement date."