Completed Hearings

images.jpegThe Report of the Joint Committee on End of Life Choices in South Australia was tabled in October 2020. In Victoria and Western Australia, Parliamentary Inquiries recommended in favour of introducing Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation. In South Australia, the Parliamentary Inquiry made a series of findings, not recommendations. Findings were made in relation to palliative care, promotion of Advanced Care Directives, and Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation. Finding 6, p6 states, 'South Australia should monitor and review the outcomes of the systems in Victoria and Western Australia and should the Parliament at some future date decide to legislate for a Voluntary Assisted Dying scheme it should have regard of how the different schemes could be integrated to prevent any further hardship or trauma.' 

Now that one in three Australians living in the states either side of South Australia will have access to Voluntary Assisted Dying, there is no longer any reason why MPs in South Australia can be reluctant to support similar legislation here.


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