Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill passes both Chambers of the Parliament

The Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2020 has now passed both chambers of the Parliament, with the overwhelming 33 to 11 vote in the House of Assembly in the early hours of Thursday June 10.

The VAD Bill now returns to the Legislative Council for consideration of amendments agreed in the House of Assembly during the six hour committee stage debate on June 9-10. This final stage of the debate is anticipated to take place on June 23 during Private Members' time in the Legislative Council.

The final version of the VAD Bill, incorporating all amendments passed in the House of Assembly on June 9-10, is available here.

In the final 33 yes votes in the House of Assembly, 17 were Liberal Party or Liberal Independents and 16 were Labor Party or Labor Independents. Removing the Independents, it was 15 yes votes from each major political party.

Further detail on the debate in the House of Assembly, and the link to the Hansard, is available here.